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The Power of Storytelling

Amazing storytelling is crucial when fundraising: good stories inspire. Good stories coming from the heart, that is. Stories that have the power to change what is outdated and no longer works. Stories that live in and for today’s world, and not in the long-gone past. Stories that resonate with the collective consciousness. These are the tales of transformation and of love in action.

I began to practice Love in Action a few years ago, and have learned that there are concrete steps to help anyone discover and use their own unique talents and abilities, their own glow, to ignite a spark in those who’ve lost theirs. My message is simple––do whatever you can and whatever it takes to help those less fortunate––a combined process of opening our eyes to the needs around us and going beyond our own limitations.

While I am not in the corporate setting, I use research to bolster big ideas and push against the toxic settings of the world. I guess I can say that I am in the business of saving lives, both human and animal. I guess you could liken what I’ve done at Merciful Redeemer Children’s Home in Kenya as a takeover and what I’m accomplishing at Rifugio Isola Del Sole, as a startup. In each case, I’ve strategically found ways to either keep the organization alive and thriving, or I’ve developed a strategy of how to begin a business. Both involve not only the ability to raise capital but also the ability to create a strategic business plan to create sustainable growth and profit. The results speak for themselves and demonstrate true Love In Action.

We have:

  • sterilized more than 500 animals and will soon start new campaigns,
  • broken ground on an elderly animal shelter,
  • gained approval from GlobalGiving for an International Educational Center for Humane Sicily, which puts the project front and center with GG’s million-plus donors,
  • earned “Top Ranked” and “Effective Nonprofit” status for Rifugio from GlobalGiving,
  • cared for over 120 orphans at Merciful Redeemer Children’s Home,
  • taught Merciful Redeemer how to do their own fundraising through local Kenyan fundraising programs, after completing my own fundraising campaign for them.

People around the world can now be a part of the village it takes to raise a child in the UNESCO World Heritage site at Rifugio Isola Del Sole.

love in action
rifugio isola del sole

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