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I am an author, nonprofit photographer, and activist who has worked all over the world with countless NGOs and seemingly ordinary people who have accomplished the extraordinary.

My lifes journey hit a major turning point when two years ago I received the news that my 21-year old son had taken his life on the other side of the planet while I was in Ethiopia working on one of my books.

While waiting for the flight that would take me from Addis Ababa to Dublin to Boston and finally, home to Denver, a stranger named Assefa stayed by my side, holding my hand the whole time and wanting no thanks for his kind deed, telling me that it was simply his “human responsibility.”

The story of how Assefa held me up that day is the story of how a light appeared in my darkest hour, and that stayed with me during that long, terrible journey home.

I have become a passionate advocate of how selfless human acts of kindness can help change the world. The strangers act of kindness towards me prompted me to write my upcoming book, my personal pilgrimage of healing and transformation that I gift to my son and all the empaths in the world.

I have a human responsibility to lift up as many people going through their own grief and dark moments.  I ask the world to join me in this effort to retrieve our intrinsic, basic humanness by practicing acts of kindness which lead to love in action.

I have always been a curious and empathic person. It is that sensitivity that has led me to travel the world and bring aid wherever I go, be it in the form of bringing in the funds to renovate an entire orphanage in Kenya, a run-down clinic in Malawi, or to start my own animal sanctuary in Sicily, Italy. I am also a nonprofit photographer who has had the privilege of working with countless organizations around the world.

Laura Formentini has written a lovely book of life lessons through stories, poems, and vignettes of insight and wisdom and revelation. The ultimate result is reinventing life through conscious awareness of life’s daily miracles of healing transformation and liberation. I highly recommend it.

Deepak Chopra

“An offbeat and uplifting contribution to the literature of grief.” – Kirkus Starred Review

This moving collection is a testament to the power of storytelling—and to a mother’s love.” – Booklife

“Twentyone Olive Trees is an impeccably crafted book. It will inspire and delight, and is salve for a wounded heart. On every page it whispers the message, “I love you.” –

New York Journal of Books

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Nothing could have prepared Laura for the shocking news of her son’s death by suicide. Seeking solace during her time of grief, Laura turned inward to transform her pain and shock into healing and peace. She accomplished this by writing letters, poems, and fables to her son, Blaise, in the year after his untimely death. This became the beautiful tribute Twentyone Olive Trees: A Mother’s Walk through the Grief of Suicide to Hope and Healing.