How Love in Action Heals the Heart.
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Laura Formentini
"How Love in Action Heals the Heart."

Author - Photographer - Philanthropist
A Member of Photographers Without Borders

I have always been a curious and empathic person. It is that sensitivity that has led me to travel the world and bring aid wherever I go,
be it in the form of raising funds to renovate an entire orphanage
in Kenya, a run-down clinic in Malawi, or Co-Found an animal sanctuary in Sicily, Italy. I am also a nonprofit photographer
who has had the privilege of working with countless organizations around the world. I am a believer that Love in Action heals not only the world, but that it also holds the key to our own healing.

While advocating travel to impact the world for positive global change, I turned into a child welfare activist and an advocate
to prevent cruelty to animals. My philanthropic fundraising has taken place in Italy, Malawi, Kenya, Tanzania, and Puerto Rico.

An archaeologist, conservationist, and photographer, I’m also Vice President of Rifugio Isola del Sole, an animal sanctuary in Southern Italy, where I spearhead the free sterilization of street dogs and cats. Other causes I support include––People for the Ethical Treatment
of Animals, Mercy for Animals, Best Friends Animal Society, Kiva, Mercy for Animals, the ASPCA, and the LAV (Lega Anti-Vivisezione Italia). I have also been sponsoring over 40 children around the globe through PlanUSA for the past 16 years.

Born in Milan, I’ve lived in Italy, Missouri, Colorado, and California,
and hold a Bachelor of Science in Archaeology and Art History from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. I’m honored to meet
you here and excited you have a desire to learn more about taking action, what I call Love in Action, to create a better world.

I believe that Love in Action heals the heart. Follow me on the journey toward your own healing by discovering the countless opportunities for Love in Action available to all of us every day, anywhere
in the world.

No need to start big—just start where you are!

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