A Roadmap for the Hero, Part 6:     Tests, Allies and Enemies

A Roadmap for the Hero, Part 6: Tests, Allies and Enemies

6. Facing the Test

Finally out of her comfort zone, the hero meets with more difficult and serious challenges where the stakes are higher and they test her in a variety of ways. Obstacles cross her path, and can be physical, psychological, human, animal or even supernatural foes who might want to stop her progress. The hero has to overcome each challenge she faces to complete her quest. 

This is the time of testing. Who can the hero trust? Who is an ally or an enemy? And how will they, in their own way, help prepare her for the greater ordeal in the future? This is where the hero’s skills and powers are tested, and each obstacle she faces helps her gain a better understanding of her character and ultimately helps her become more comfortable in her own skin.

How does Doris pass this test?

“These are for you!” Doris said.

“For us?” the bats said.

“Yes, know it’s not a juicy bug, but it’s what fairies like to eat. Do you think you’d like to try some?”

A few of the bats huddled together. They couldn’t stop salivating because all they had eaten for ever and ever were little bugs. And since Doris knew this, the canary had helped her put some crunchy bugs inside their honey cakes. 

So when they bit down on their cakes, they had a tasty surprise.

“These cakes are marvelous! Thank you so much!” a bat said.  

Here, Doris faced the test of the honey cakes. Will the bats like them? Had she and the canary come up with a good idea? Or will it all fall apart? In this part of the story, Doris discovered her power. She realized that her ideas are worthy and that her cooking of honey cakes worked. The bats became allies, and so did the fairies. She stepped into her power as she confronted her fears and doubts and owned her identity as a peacemaker.

Write about what kinds of tests you’ve faced and the obstacles you’ve had to overcome (physical, psychological, human, animal) who wanted to stop your progress? Who could you trust? Who was your enemy?  When have you undergone a time of testing, where you learned more about yourself, your enemies and your allies? Were the obstacles that crossed your path physical, psychological or human? Take some time to reflect on the obstacles you have faced and the testing that you’ve gone through where you’ve confronted your fears and doubts. How did that process help you own your identity and character in ways you never have before?

This is Part 6 of a 12 part series. Be sure to read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5 if you missed it!

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